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Is an application designated for a universal evidence in all areas – in business as well as in private life.

  • It is able to calculate incomes and expenses of both at cash desks and accounts
  • To sort financial books into any structure without restraint
  • To file almost unlimited number of records
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Installation to flash allows you a reliable access to your evidence wherever you are
  • Network access for more users into one evidence simultaneously
  • Print of a receipt or a synoptic journal
  • Export of the data into a table processor (Excel, Open Office, …) – a priceless possibility to pass down the data either in a form of a table processor or as an evidence back-up which is easily portable.
  • Fast tracking down of any record with the help of a number of a document or its description
  • To repeat the instructions of any record, which is appreciable especially for regular payments
  • Easy printing of a book or a receipt
  • Display analysis in clear graphs

Examples of the use

  • Households – energies, rent, loans, repairs, shopping, expenditures on children, tuition, baby nutrition, clothing, sports and social activities
  • Everybody who have own business and have needs been informed about profit and keep costs under control
  • Socially weaker citizens can track down each cent
  • Tax evidence with the luxury of an overview similar to a double entry accounting
  • Fellowships and guilds – membership fees, individual costs, transfer of documentation with an economical overview to individual members
  • A book of revenues of a shop – easy, clearly organized and fast data entry, easy tracking down using a number of a document or a text.
  • Watch loans and their repayment


Screenshots from application

Version from 20.01.2016 (actual)

Version from 25.05.2015

Version from 21.12.2014

Version from 01.11.2014